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  1. Back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud. With iCloud Backup, iCloud automatically backs up your iOS or iPadOS device information over Wi-Fi when your device is turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. iCloud backups count toward your iCloud storage. You can also back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using your computer
  2. It goes without saying that you should always back up your important data. In today's day and age, our most important data is probably on our phones. They contain our photos, messages, contacts, and more. Thankfully, if you own an iPhone, Apple has made it very easy to constantly keep your iPhone backed up to the company's cloud service, called iCloud
  3. To Backup iPhone Contacts To iCloud, it is very important to turn on the iCloud backup as u turn it on to backup contacts to iCloud on iPhone now whenever you save a contact in your iPhone it will be automatically transferred to iCloud. How To Check If iPhone Backup Is Complete
  4. iCloud Backup is not configured. iCloud has to be configured to automatically back up your phone in Settings > Account Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Once iCloud Backup is set up, it will automatically start whenever your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, plugged into power, and locked
  5. In addition, iCloud backup makes it easy to restore an iOS device on the move. If you are a regular traveler, choosing iCloud backup is the best option. Part 4. How to Back Up iPhone to iCloud? With the help of the following steps, it will be easy for any iPhone user to create a backup of the content in a few simple steps. Step 1
  6. es how long this will take. If you have an Apple Watch paired to the iPhone that you're backing up, the Health and Activity data collected by your Watch is backed up to iCloud as well
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Or you can of course upgrade your iCloud storage plan if you want to store all your things, all the time - there are a ton of options to choose from! But here's how you can selectively back up your data over iCloud. How to choose what app data gets backed up to iCloud for iPhone and iPad How to Backup iPhone 6 to iCloud If you have an iPhone, you almost definitely have an iCloud account . You probably created it when you set up your iPhone originally and you may use it for all kinds of things without even knowing it Backup your iPhone 8 to iCloud is easily. There is an essential matter for you if you are able to do it. You can, for instance, back up photos, notes, and other things to the Apple's cloud-based storage and also apps platform Let the iCloud backup complete; See, backing up to iCloud is quite easy. The entire iCloud backup process of an iOS device is initiated from the iPhone or iPad with just a few taps. Now that you now how to backup to iCloud from an iPhone or iPad, you may want to know some answers to other common questions about iCloud and backups of iOS devices

2. How to Backup iPhone to iCloud; 3. How to Backup iPhone Using FoneLab; For example, your kid's first step video, family gathering photos, valuable contacts, critical documents, etc that saved on your iOS device. Some of the users even don't know how to back up iPhone to iCloud, especially for new users Part 3: How to Backup iPhone Photos to iCloud Manually. There is also a manual option to create iCloud backup of the photos stored on your device. It is the default iCloud backup. This is how to backup your photos to iCloud manually: 1. Open Settings app and access your iCloud account. Scroll down to the menu and you will see the Backup option. 2 Create a backup via iCloud. Using iCloud is much more convenient but, depending on the size of the backup, the possibility of backing up in iCloud is associated with costs. To do this, an iCloud must be activated on the iPhone or iPad. You can find the corresponding menu under Settings -> Username -> iCloud Part 1. iPhone Contacts and iCloud Part 2. Backup Contacts to iCloud Account Part 3. Some Tips of Backuping Contacts to iCloud Part 4. Quickly Backup Contacts Using Fonedog Toolkit. Part 1. iPhone Contacts and iCloud. The iPhone is an amazing smartphone and millions of users can't help but agree that it will likely continue in its popularity How To Backup iPhone to iCloud . You should tap on the backup, and after that, you will be explored to the data screen where you will be educated of the last backup, backup measure, and the evaluated future backup size. As you look down a bit, you will see - Show All Apps option specified as appeared in the picture underneath

2. On Apple ID screen, tap on iCloud.. 3. On iCloud Screen, scroll down and tap on iCloud Backup option.. 4. On the next screen, move the slider next to iCloud Backup to ON Position.. This will setup your iPhone to automatically backup to iCloud Drive, whenever it is connected to a WiFi network and is plugged in for charging If the iCloud backup is enabled, iCloud will automatically backup your iPhone, if your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi, connected to a power source and the screen is locked. Apple will delete your backup in iCloud if within 180 days there is no new backups. In case the backup isn't working, you probably don't have enough free storage space To start a backup to iCloud, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and then go to Settings and tap on the Apple ID/iCloud tab at the top, which also has your name. If you're not signed in, take a moment to. Tap iCloud Backup. If you're using iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Backup. Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on. Tap Back Up Now. Stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process completes. To let iCloud Automatically back up iPhone Photos. Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on in Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup

Using iCloud to backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is an easy job for most pro-level Apple users, since you can use it to complete backup directly without connecting any devices. However, if you are new Apple user and have little backup experience, check this guide to learn how to backup your iPhone by using iCloud In this video, you'll learn how to backup your iPhone to iCloud. If you are an iPhone user, you get 5GB of free iCloud storage space. I'll show you why this.

Except manually backing up iPhone, you can also schedule an automatic iCloud Backup. Steps are as below, Step 1 Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup to turn on iCloud Backup.. If you are using iOS10.2 or earlier, go to Settings > iCloud > Backup to turn on iCloud Backup.. Step 2 Connect iPhone to a power source and a Wi-Fi network.. Step 3 Make sure the screen of iPhone is. How to Make iPhone Backup on iCloud. It is of great importance for you to back up your iPhone for data saving. Many people choose to make iPhone backup to Apple's iCloud as iPhone files will be securely protected whenever there is a Wi-Fi network connection. However, iCloud has it disadvantage because it limitedly provides 5GB free storage

What is iCloud Backup - from Apple.com. So, how often does iPhone backup to iCloud? Well, if you have set the iCloud to back up the iOS device automatically, then you should know that the app makes a backup of your device at the end of every single day. Part 2: How Often Does iPhone Backup to iCloud 2. Manually Backup iPhone to iCloud. Instead of waiting for an automated backup, you can initiate a manual backup of iPhone to iCloud at any time by following the steps below. 1. Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > tap on iCloud Backup. 2. On the next screen, tap on Back Up Now option Turn on iCloud Backup by hitting the button next to it into green color; Hit Backup Now and wait until the backup process is done; How To Automatically Backup iPhone 11 To iCloud. Once you enable the iCloud Backup on your iPhone 11, it will automatically backup iPhone 11 to iCloud. You will be able to see the last backup under the Backup Now. Read on the steps below to know how to backup iPhone to iCloud. Steps To Backup iPhone to iCloud. 1. Launch the settings on your iPhone. You can refer to the image above for a clearer understanding. 2. Now, scroll down to find iCloud and then tap on it. 3. You will be able to observe your Apple ID displayed on the top of the screen Part 2. How to Backup iPhone/iPad to iCloud Manually It is also possible to manually backup your iPhone/iPad device to your iCloud account. Just follow these simple steps given below to know how to backup iPhone with iCloud automatically: Step 1. You have to go to Settings > Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back Up Now. Step 2

Directions to back up using iCloud: Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network; Tap Settings > [your name], and tap iCloud. If you're using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, then scroll down and tap iCloud. Scroll down, tap iCloud Backup. If you're using iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap Backup. Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned o Your iPhone's photos, contacts, messages and other data are precious commodities that shouldn't be siloed on a single device. Learn how to use iCloud Backup to protect your data from being deleted.

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iCloud backups occur automatically when the iPhone is plugged in to a power source with the screen locked and connected to a Wi-Fi network. There is also an option to backup manually Solution 1: How to Backup iPhone Apps on iCloud via iCloud. iCloud is a powerful gadget that allows Apple users to back up iPhone data to iCloud so as to ensure the safety of iPhone data. To make iPhone backups including iCloud apps backup, you can: 1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi network, or you can't back up apps to iCloud. 2 Transfer WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iCloud - iPhone to iCloud In the majority of the cases, if you are using WhatsApp on iPhone the backup data will automatically transfer to iCloud. It is because of this that you can access the majority of your data even after switching to a new iPhone

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  1. Applies To: iPhone and iPad in iOS 11. By syncing all your iPhone contacts to iCloud, you can not only sync your contacts across your devices easily but also make a backup of your iPhone contacts in iCloud storage to avoid complete data loss
  2. This wikiHow teaches you how to store an iPhone backup file in Dropbox, as well as how to back up individual files from your iPhone into your Dropbox account. For most comprehensive iPhone backups, you'll need more than the two gigabytes of free space that Dropbox offers, meaning that you'll need to purchase additional storage
  3. To start, go to How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Click on the box: Use iCloud. That will take you to: How to back up with iCloud. If it turns out that you need.

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Also keep it in mind that iCloud backup doesn't back up your purchased apps, music, movies, and books, it will download these from the App, iTunes, and iBook store when you restore from an iCloud Backup (Learn 4 Easiest Methods To Get My Photos from iCloud). Follow steps below to backup your iPhone 7 (Plus) to iCloud When Contacts is first enabled, your iPhone contacts will immediately be synced with your iCloud account. Any changes that you make will synchronize across all of your connected devices. You don't need to perform a full iCloud Backup to save your contacts. The contacts sync separately from the iCloud Backup

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Backup Your iPhone With iCloud. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone. At the top of the Settings app, you should see your name and contact photo. Go ahead and tap it. This will pull up the settings for your iCloud account, where you can view your devices, edit Family Sharing, and so on How to back up to iCloud - You can back up and restore your WhatsApp chat history with iCloud. Note: WhatsApp chat histories aren't stored on our servers. Media and messages you back up aren't protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in iCloud. We can't retrieve any deleted messages for you. Back up to iCloud Manual backup You can make a manual backup of your chats at any time. Go to. What iCloud won't back up? Other media files imported from PC or Mac. But you can back up and restore these data by using iTunes. The files that have been removed from the iTunes Store, iBookstore, and App Store, such as Music, iBooks, Apps. Part 4. Best Alternative to iCloud: Backup and Restore iPhone/iPad Dat Here's how you can backup iPhone, iPad, iPod touch using iCloud or iTunes on your PC or Mac. Creating a backup ensures that you don't lose important data in case something goes wrong There are ways to restore iPhone from iCloud backup and they are very effective but the question remains, how to transfer the file from your old iPhone to your new iPhone easily and effectively. Suppose, you just bought the new iPhone X and previously you were using the iPhone 7

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How to backup iPhone to iCloud. Using iCloud to backup your iPhone or iPad is a great idea. It allows you to backup photos and videos, settings, app data, iMessage, text messages, ringtones, etc. on iPhone or items purchased from iTunes. If anything happens to your phone or tablet,. Tap iCloud. Tap Storage & Backup. Tap Back Up Now to start the ball rolling. A progress bar shows how much time is left until the backup is complete. Naturally, the more data you have on your iPhone, the longer the backup will take. For your iPhone to automatically start an iCloud backup, you must have a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet How to Backup iPhone iPad iPod to iCloud. Before you start to make a backup to iCloud, you have to make sure that iCloud backups are enabled on your device. Then connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and you're ready to backup to iCloud Mac. Here take how to backup iPhone to iCloud 10.3 as an example. 1. Open Setting on your iPhone iPad or.

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Here follow the steps to backup iPhone 11, 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max via iCloud. Steps To Backup iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max To iCloud. Note: Before you follow the below steps, make sure your iPhone is connected to a proper working Wi-Fi network. Step 1: On your iPhone go to Settings So far, if you haven't enabled iCloud backup, you should consider enabling it now. And this post will teach you how to activate iPhone backup to iCloud in just 2 minutes. How to Backup iPhone to iCloud. If something goes wrong and you lose all data on iPhone, the iCloud backup can come to your rescue. iCloud backup can be accessed from. Free iPhone data recovery software, recover contacts on iPhone, back up iPhone online and locally, recover messages on iPhone, how to recover photos on iPhone, restore contacts from iCloud, recover iPhone contacts without backup, retrieve photos from iCloud backup, iPhone call history recovery, recover notes from iPhone, restore reminders from.

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Here's a step-by-step instructional on how to backup your iPhone data to the iCloud. There are two ways you can back up your data. We've outlined both methods in this articl It takes you through how to back up iPhone without iCloud. Read through to learn more. 1 Backup iPhone Using iTunes. There are many ways to back up an iPhone and one of the common ways is using iTunes. When you have the latest iTunes installed on your computer you can easily use it to back up your iPhone data

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You've successfully back up your iPhone, so there's a saved company of all your data in case of an emergency. Make sure you share this article on social to help your family and friends back up their iPhone to iCloud on iOS 12! If you have any other questions about iCloud or your iPhone, leave them below It's important to back up the data on your iPhone. You don't know when your iPhone might crash, or when you might lose it in a coffee shop (if so, you should erase it immediately).When you backup your iPhone, you're making sure that all the important data like your contacts, apps, and app data is safely secured either on your computer or in the cloud After restoring the iPhone from an iCloud backup, all data included in the copy (iCloud backup can be flexibly set up) will be downloaded to the device's memory. As you can see, even a child can restore an iPhone from an iCloud backup, it is very important that there is something to restore from Normally, we could use iTunes or iCloud to make a backup, one for local backups and the other for the cloud, since they are provided by Apple be default. But both have disadvantages which can put people off from backing up as often as they should. We recommend to use professional tool to backup your iPhone to PC instead of iTunes or iCloud How to enable iCloud Photo Library on iPhone. To use iCloud Photo Library on your iPod or iPhone, follow the steps below: 1.Tap Settings on iPhone. 2.Scroll and launch iCloud. 3.Move down and look for Photos and tap it. 4.Now enable the iCloud Photo Library from there. Part 2: Other simple ways to backup Photos on iPhone

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To back up iPhone contacts by syncing to iCloud, you just need to ensure your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, and then perform the steps below on your iPhone: Go to Settings > Click on your Apple ID's part > Select iCloud > Tap on Contacts to turn it on > Then wait for your iPhone contacts backed up to iCloud Note: iCloud is able to back up the third party music app data as other apps, but the songs may be invalid due to copyright problems. Step 3. Back to the iCloud settings screen after setup, tap on the Backup option. Place the switch next to iCloud Backup option to ON position and tap on Back Up Now to backup music to iCloud immediately Typically, owners can back up their iPhone or iPad to Windows 10 PCs and Macs using iTunes (former) or Finder/iTunes (latter). Owners can also back up their device to Apple's iCloud , even if. How to back up your Mac without iCloud. Although it's always smart to backup iPhone to iCloud, you can find more functionality and power with specialized backup manager apps — in case you decide to cancel iCloud storage or simply want to double-backup the most important files [How to] Backup to iCloud from iPhone 8 iOS 11. Before you start to backup iPhone 8 to iCloud, you need have a clear understanding of what does iCloud backup.With iCloud Backup, you back up your data to the cloud automatically with a Wi-Fi connection and back up:

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You used to be able to back up your iPhone content using only iTunes, but with Apple's introduction of iCloud, you can back up via a Wi-Fi network to your iCloud storage. You get 5GB of storage (not including iTunes-bought music, iTunes Match and Photo Stream content, video, apps, and e-books) for free or you [ Plus, the iCloud backup will restore all your settings as well. For convenience, you can set your iPhone or iPad to automatically back up via iCloud when your device is connected to a WiFi network, plugged in, and locked. You can also manually tell it to back up. Here's how to back up your iPhone to iCloud How To Backup iPhone Data To iCloud. One of the easiest ways to back up iPhone data is to back data up to the iCloud, Apple's cloud storage and cloud computing service. The iCloud offers 5G of free data storage, with the option of purchasing additional storage as needed. To perform an iPhone iCloud backup take the following steps. Connect. As such, it makes sense to make regular backups of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud. The backup process happens on a day to day basis that is when the device is on power source and locked with an active internet connection. Also, there several ways to access to and download iCloud backup files, follow this article and check it out. 1 The iPhone 11 (Image credit: Apple) How to back up an iPhone: Preparation. With a cloud backup solution like iCloud, a copy of your iPhone's data is uploaded to Apple's servers

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If your iPad or iPhone for any reason ever dies or needs to be reset, you'll want to have a recent and complete backup. Luckily, it doesn't take much effort on your part to ensure your iOS device is backing itself up on a regular basis. How to Backup Your iOS Device Automatically to iCloud 1. Back up your iPhone in iTunes 2. Restore the iPhone with the backup you want in iCloud 3. Turn in iCloud backup and let the phone backup to iCloud 4. Restore you phone with the backup you made in step 1 5. Make sure you do not allow your phone to back up to iCloud or it will overwrite the backup you want up there We'll show you how you can easily move your existing locally-stored notes to your iCloud account so they will be available on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and even on a Windows PC. First, if you don't see a section for iCloud in your Notes app, you'll need to enable Notes in your iCloud account

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If you choose to back up your iDevice via iCloud service, you may find that it takes so long to finish the iPhone backup, or even the iCloud backup failed. Here in this guide, we will talk about how long does iCloud backup take, the solutions to speed up iCloud backup as well as what does iCloud backup include Today, I will highlight how to backup the content of your iOS device wirellesly, without using iCloud. 4 Steps To Backup iPhone / iPad Wirelessly Without iCloud. Important: For this method to work, you need a desktop or notebook computer that's connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iOS device

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Part 1. How to Back up iMessages to iCloud. Here is how to back up iMessages, text messages to iCloud on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. STEP 1 Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. STEP 2 Go to Settings > [your name], and tap iCloud. (If you're using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, then scroll down and tap iCloud). STEP 3 Tap iCloud Backup. iCloud backup lets you back up your data wirelessly and automatically to your iCloud account, so you need to create an iCloud account before you first backup your iPhone, iPad with iCloud. The advantage of this method is that you don't have to connect your device to your computer with USB cable How to Restore iPhone, iPad Using iCloud 1. When launching a new (or newly wiped) iOS device, a Setup Assistant will automatically ask if you want to Restore from iCloud Backup

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