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  1. This Interrail route is an itinerary for 2 or 3 weeks, but you can expand it if you like to add in a few extra stops! Because of the distance you cover and the difference in culture along the way, this might be one of the coolest Interrailing Europe routes
  2. See our most popular routes through Europe, taking you from one spectacular city to the next. There's something here for everyone! Scenic trains. Check out the most wonderful train rides in Europe, Plus, you will have a chance of winning 2x Interrail Passes for future travel!.
  3. Start planning your Interrail adventure today! You can see the average train travel times between all major cities on the rail map of Europe below. Wherever you want to go, we'll help you find your way! Disclaimer: Please note that routes may change throughout the year
  4. Best Interrail pass Same as the Scandinavia adventure itinerary A combination of high-speed daytime routes and sleeper trains makes a whirlwind rail tour of some of Europe's finest cities.
  5. Interrail Planner is the free trip planning app. Use our interactive map to plan your journey and book accommodation for your chosen route
  6. For each of the interrail routes for 2 weeks in Europe listed below, I've ensured that they start and end in a major transport hub. Visit a variety of destinations Capital cities are always the best places to go for an array of great things to do, but hopping from capital to capital might get over familiar so I try to include some smaller cities or beach towns in amongst the mix
  7. Soon I will post here some scenic routes. Ū†ĹŪĻā Search for: Recent Posts. Interrail and Coronavirus (Covid-19
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If you're travelling with an Interrail Global Pass, you can change things up at a moment's notice and take a different route if you like. Maybe you know you want to travel through Europe, but you don't know where yet or you want to be able to choose as you go. The Interrail Global Pass has you covered No reservation is required and the route runs at least twice daily. Alternatively, there is a route with a similar ETA with one change over. Train Journey 5: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Paris (France) Screenshot from Interrail Train Schedule . The final train journey of our interrail route is from Amsterdam to Paris Winter interrail routes. Who said interrailing is a summer-only activity? Even though it has been mainly associated with good weather and a carefree spirit, you can find plenty of winter interrail ideas to keep you going, even in Christmas time! The Winter Wonderland art tour Wem diese Route noch nicht ausreicht, der kann mit einer extra Fähre, welche nicht im Interrail Ticket enthalten ist, sogar bis nach St. Petersburg fahren und dort das 72h Visum nutzen. Interrail Tipp: Aufgrund der teilweise benötigten Reservierungen, empfiehlt es sich die Reiseroute vorher zu planen und buchen Your Interrail pass gives you access to beautiful views, right from your train window! Find out about the many great scenic train routes in Europe

Interrail Global Pass laddas med ett antal resdagar och en giltighetstid som du sj√§lv best√§mmer. Resdagarna m√•ste anv√§ndas inom kortets giltighetstid. Detta √§r perfekt f√∂r dig som vill resa i flera l√§nder, lika v√§l en planerad resa som spontanresan Hole dir mithilfe dieser empfohlenen Strecken ein paar Vorschl√§ge f√ľr deine n√§chste Interrail-Reise, von traditionellen Bahnreisen bis hin zu speziellen saisonalen Abenteuern

Interrail Routes Interrail Planner 14th September 2017 0 The co-founders of Interrail Planner went interrailing this summer, stopping off in Naples, Florence, Ancona (slightly accidentally), Split, Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava Interrail routes. Europa ligt aan je voeten tijdens je interrailreis. Ga je het zonnige weer tegemoet in Frankrijk, Spanje en Portugal? Besluit je de fjorden in Noorwegen en Zweden te bekijken? Of ga je liever een heel nieuwe cultuur ontdekken in het Oostblok? Je kunt echt alle kanten op, dus begrijpelijk dat je door het bomen het bos niet meer. Interrail Map Planner | Use our free interactive planner to plan your journey | See journey lengths | Get expert help with planning your Interrail trip I have been travelling Europe with Interrail for over 25 years. Here you can get my real experiences and tips, route suggestions and ticket prices Interrail pass information, help in our forum, travel routes, schedules and night trains. How to save reservation fees interrailing Europe

Interrailing - a Gap Year rite of passage. It's also a great way to forget about the A-levels and to enjoy an education free summer before the 'work' restarts at uni or to really kick-start your gap year.. An interrail global pass is the ultimate gateway to Europe: cheap, simple and a whole lot of fun. Every one of the 30 countries the pass covers has its own charms and is well worth a. With your Interrail Pass you can easily travel without a reservation on many local and regional trains in the Interrail country of your choice. Top Interrail Tips With an Interrail trip or any travel adventure for that matter, there's always lots to remember Interrail biedt 31 routes om uit te kiezen. Van de broeiende Spaanse steden, tot de klassieke schoonheid van Wenen en van het charmante Stockholm tot het hippe Belgrado: met een Interrail reis ontdek je heel Europa. In twee weken kun je een hele hoop zien

InterRail map. Europe is ridiculously well connected by rail. Which is great because it means you can get pretty much anywhere by train. But it can also make planning an InterRail trip a bit daunting, because there is so much choice when it comes to routes! As you can see from the InterRail map below, there are railways everywhere in Europe This Interrail route takes you from London to the Scottish Highlands. The Caledonian Sleeper Night Train runs from London to Fort William. Continue via the Gelenfinnan Viaduct to Mallaig and Armadle on the Isle of Skye. From Kyle of Lochalsh on to the far north of Scotland, to Thurso. And from there back again via Inverness and Edinburgh An Interrail pass gives you the flexibility to vary your dates, trains and even routes. My wife and I once travelled to Italy from my in-laws' house in the Netherlands using an Interrail pass. The day before we were due to return, a train crash in Belgium blocked our planned Milan-Paris-Rotterdam route, but with our Interrail passes we could easily divert via Milan-Zurich-Cologne-Rotterdam Pick from popular Interrailing packages or build your own bespoke route! All our top-rated trips include train travel, accommodation & 24 hour assistance

If you have bought or are thinking of buying an Interrail Global Pass then a handy printed copy of the Interrail map will be on its way to you with your order. The map covers all the major train connections between the most popular Interrail destinations, so your planning and travelling will get off to a good start Interrail Routes 22 Days (3 Weeks) An Interrail pass for 22 days gives you complete freedom to go wherever you want. You can travel short distances more often or make several long train journeys. For example, take a nice trip through Eastern Europe or Scandinavia. Interrail in Eastern Europ :: Route 1 - Best Museums :: Route 2 - Best Nightlife :: Route 3 - Best Beaches :: Route 4 - Northern Europe :: Route 5 - Central Europe After purchasing your InterRail Pass the next step is to plan wich interral route you will make. Here are some of the interrail routes that

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  1. A whirlwind of Interrail routes. London to Istanbul by train. Even the words conjure up excitement and romance. At 18 I dreamed of Interrailing Europe, but the opportunity and budget never presented itself. Until, coincidentally, the year my eldest reached 18 and we took off as a family
  2. i European rail adventure too. Just choose a region and a few destinations and create your own route. Or if that sounds too much work, here are five of the best one-week European rail trip ideas to get you started. Read more: Britain by train: Five great one-week UK rail trip routes
  3. In order to take this route you'll need to get a global pass, this allows travel within any of the 30 countries that accept interrail tickets. Advertisement There is a specific 22 day interrail pass , however for this trip I would not recommend you use this as it allows continuous travel (i.e. you can travel every single day for 22 days)
  4. Interrail Planner, website application for planning Interrail routes and booking accommodation. Seat61 , extensive guides to Interrail and European train travel in general. Interrail Map.com , Interrail maps and guides to select your Interrail One Country Pass find the schedules for Interrailing, travel times, the train station timetables, and the price of your accommodation
  5. This 2-week Interrail route is a loop, so you can start and end it at any point in the route. So if you want to Interrail Eastern Europe and Central Europe in about 2 weeks, you came to the right place! You can also expand this 2-week itinerary to a.
  6. These Interrail trip packages provide ready-made routes around Europe and let you book everything in one go. Packages include top-rated accommodation, travel between destinations (with Interrail passes, tickets and seat reservations as required), and more
  7. My ultimate survival guide to Interrail 2018! I went Interrailing around Europe last summer (vlogs linked below) and had the most incredible time EVER, so wa..

Interrail Global Pass / Overview, Information and Prices Interrail Global Pass Overview The Interrail Global Pass is your rail pass to explore up to 33 countries in Europe by train. Available for up to three months independent rail travel. Included countries Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary. links in the description ÔłŹ last video Ū†ĹŪ≥Ļ: https://youtu.be/upgSZbGrGL8 hey there Ū†ĹŪĪčŪ†ľŪŅľ welcome to another video ‚≠ź today i have my ultimate guide to interrail If you prefer to visit several countries, go for an Interrail Global Pass. Plan your exact route. Make a rough plan of your route. Of course Interrail is flexible, that's the main idea of Interrail. But it is helpful to have a plan. Search for night trains you could use. Find scenic routes. Check timetables and train connections Go on a romantic train adventure and discover Europe with your loved one this year Interrail Advice (23) Interrail Routes (14) News (18) Destinations. amsterdam austria barcelona belgium belgrade berlin brussels budapest bulgaria cologne copenhagen croatia czech republic denmark florence france germany hamburg hungary italy krakow ljubljana milan munich naples netherlands norway oslo paris poland portugal prague rome salzburg.

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During this Interrail Scandinavia journey, you travel through 3 countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway.This trip has 6 travel days and 2 extra stopovers. You can either get a global pass or buy separate passes for the different countries. We did the math and a global pass is cheaper! You need the global pass for at least 7 travel days, which costs 335‚ā¨ Allo allo! Welcome to my 'how to interrail through Europe' video! I hope this video will help and guide you in your interrrail trip. I'll talk you through ho.. interrail Europe routes 2 weeks - city slickers. Our City Slickers takes you on an interrailing adventure across Europe visiting six of the most iconic and unforgettable cities. This interrail route starts in Europe's Eternal City, Rome. From there you will visit some of the best cities Europe has on offer such as Prague and Amsterdam Interrail is not valid on these trains! There are many other private railways running mostly on their own tracks. Interrail is valid on only a few of them, and you need to buy separate tickets for them. However, these are not very expensive. There are many ferry connections starting from Italy. Ferries to Greece are included in your Interrail pass

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Travel by train around Tuscany to discover the most iconic Italian cities and scenery. Enjoy the placid views from the train and explore Florence, Pisa, Milan and Rome in the easiest possible way Find european train stations and routes. Client for the European Interrail / EuRail API. - juliuste/interrail Buy an Interrail Global Pass from My Interrail and discover 30 different European countries from as little as £179 with just 1 Rail pass

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Europese rave-routes Europese rave-routes Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Ga naar ons Coronavirus-informatiecentrum voor de meest recente updates en reisinformatie The site interrail.rail.cc is run by TrainPlanet AB (org nr 556614-3102): TrainPlanet AB, Storsj√∂str√•ket 15, 831 34 √Ėstersund, Sweden, +46 (0) 63-663 55 90, trainplanet.com. With your purchase you directly support our free rail.cc project

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Home; Plan je reis Festivals met de trein Europese Rave Routes Europese Rave Routes The InterRail Global Pass also includes Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. 1 The complimentary child pass is valid for up to 2 children for each holder of an InterRail Pass for Europe. 2 You qualify for discounted fares on select international routes: Eurostar, Thalys, Elipsos and TGV service to Italy, Germany and Spain All our package prices are based on Youth Interrail Passes, so our clients who are over 26 years of age at the time of travel will be required to pay an extra £25.00 for an Adult Interrail Pass. All our package prices are based on Youth Interrail Passes, so our clients who are over 26 years of age at the time of travel will be required to pay an extra £115.00 for an Adult Interrail Pass

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Interrail pasvoordelen; Blijf op de hoogte via e-mail; Bestelinformatie; Vind de beste pas voor jou; Plan je reis Back. Plan je reis. Zoek treintijden; Spoorwegkaart; Download de Rail Planner app; Over reserveringen; Treinen in Europa; Europese rave-routes. Answer 1 of 8: A friend has already purchased an InterRail pass for a trip through out Europe. I will only be joining her for two journeys Berlin - Prague - Vienna, but am loathed to buy the shortest InterRail pass for ‚ā¨160 for only two journeys. I have looked at..

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InterRail Passes can only be used by European residents. The Global Pass is not valid in your own country of residence. Pre-booking time. Customers can select a first date of travel that is up to 11 months from the purchase date. Discounts. Youth Pass . Children 4-11 . Children 4- *Please note that. Interrail allows greater flexibility and freedom of choice for the traveler, both in terms of countries in which we can travel as well as the time we have.Interrail Global Pass is also valid in the country of residence - just one round-trip.. If an adult owner of a pass travels with more than two children, one young pass shall be issued for each of the other children Got your InterRail Pass, and need some inspiration where to go? OUI.sncf created some great sunny summer itineraries, accessible with your InterRail pass! Route: Figueres - Barcelona - Benicassim - Valencia - Madrid - Seville - Malaga . Book your Spain One Country Pass today ‚ÄéThe Rail Planner App makes your Eurail or Interrail journey smooth and stress-free, whether you're boarding your next train at the station or planning your next trip from your sofa. Here's what you can do: Search for train times offline with our journey planner ‚ÄĘ Search for connections acros

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Interrail offers a wide range of rail passes for travel throughout Europe, so you can journey far and wide on some of the most comprehensive rail networks in the world. Interrail Passes are valid for unlimited train travel in your choice of countries, from as few as 1 country if you opt for an Interrail National Pass, to as many as 33 countries with an Interrail Global Pass Interrail | Get inspired for your Interrail trip! We pin travel & Europe tips. Suggestions on what we should pin? Share your ideas! www.interrail.e Feb 5, 2016 - Interrail lets you explore the best of Europe, the best way possible: by train! Get inspired for your Interrail trip with this board with the most popular and amazing Interrail destinations!. See more ideas about Interrail trip, Trip, Europe

Interrail Passes are best known for providing you with the flexibility to plan as you go and the ability to take multiple train trips on each travel day. Called the Global Pass for good reason, this is the most all inclusive rail pass available, offering great value as you can create the ultimate European adventure The Rail Planner App makes your Eurail or Interrail journey smooth and stress-free, whether you're boarding your next train at the station or planning your next trip from your sofa. Here's what you can do: Search for train times offline with our journey planner ‚ÄĘ Search for connections across Europe without having to hunt for wifi or use up your data. Plan your dream routes and track all. Eurail and Interrail travellers are obligated, when obtaining discount at Fjord Line, to show their Eurail or Interrail Pass at Fjord Line's check-in. Booking You can place your booking with discount by using below promotion code at use promotion code in the booking box on the front page of this website

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